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Hotel in Rimini

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Hotel in Rimini

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Santarcangelo di Romagna

The city centre of Santarcangelo can be identified as the whole Ganganelli Square which is dedicated to the Pope Clemente XIV Ganganelli, elected as Pope in 1769. Furthermore, the triumphant arc which gives access to the square was built in his honor as well. Throughout the years, a plenty of cozy restaurants has risen along the cobbled streets of the city centre, making this picturesque hamlet extremely lively. Every year several festivals are held there in order to keep the local culture, tradition and history alive. The most famous are “Balconi Fioriti” which takes place in May, “Festival del Teatro in Piazza” in July, “Calici di Stelle” in August, together with some of the oldest festivals such as the “Fiera di San Michele” in September or the “Fiera di San Martino” in November. During the Roman domination the Via Consolare Emilia, which runs through the city, was built; while, during the Middle Ages, the settlement was developed on the Jupiter Hill.

The highest part of the city is dominated by the Rocca, built under the rule of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta in 1447 and now belonging to the noble Colonna family. Visitors can enter the building for visiting a verdant garden, the big hall and other rooms . Not to be missed is the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the panoramic terrace .
Other interesting highlights are the Museum of Buttons where Mister Galavotti will tell visitors the tales related to more than 8500 buttons displayed there and linked to historical events occurred between the XVIII and the XX century; and the Marchi Printshop which hosts a still functioning mangle dating back to the XVII century.
This artesian boutique keeps producing and purchasing traditional rust printing of traditional drawings and innovative ones realized by Tonino Guerra, well-known local poet and artist.
Possibility to book the guided tour of the hamlet and of the caves that have been dig in the sandstone, and which run under the ground of the city.

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